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King's Farm Primary School

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Being the best that we can be

Ofsted May 18:
  • King’s Farm Primary School is a Good School.
  • An impressive number of pupils take part in extra-curricular clubs before or after school.
  • Parents are overwhelmingly supportive of the school.
  • The curriculum captures pupils’ imagination and they are eager to find out more.
  • In 2017 the school’s results at the expected standard for combined reading, writing and mathematics were the most improved in Kent.
  • Children in the early years make good progress from their starting points.

Services Pupil Premium

What is the Service Pupil Premium?

The Department for Education (DfE) introduced the Service pupil premium (SPP) in April 2011 in recognition of the specific challenges children from service families face and as part of the commitment to delivering the armed forces covenant.

State schools, academies and free schools in England, which have children of service families in school years reception to year 11, can receive the SPP funding. It is designed to assist the school in providing the additional support that these children may need and is currently worth £310 per service child who meets the eligibility criteria.

At King’s Farm, we have invested in resources that are appealing and relevant to young children and help foster effective communication and empathy.

  1. The school has invested in a set of large world map tablecloths. These are used to initiate rich conversations about countries and travel which, in turn, can inform the school about how we are able to help support children and families further. The tablecloths are a useful ice breaker with new children: young children enjoy sitting on them, pointing out any places personally relevant to them. They also provide an opportunity to talk about their feelings and changes at home in an unpressurised way.
  2. We have also purchased Jofli (Journey of Life) bears for our Reception classes: we all take a different journey through life but for some of us Jofli can be a special companion to share our story with.
  • We have bought a set of books about parents being deployed. The text and illustrations encourage children to discuss their feelings as well as alleviate any worries they may have related to their parent’s deployment.